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We are committed to presenting good data on Irish Child Sexual Abuse (ICSA) to the general public, as well as legislators, policy makers, and other interested parties. 

The last investigation into sexual violence in Ireland was the SAVI report, which was published in 2002. While it was an exceptional piece of work for its time, we are aware that it is nearly 19 years old. More than that, the respondents were adults who were talking about episodes in their childhood, and young adulthood. As such, the figures relate, predominately, to offences that took place in the 1970s. We have, therefore, no idea of the current landscape of ICSA. 

Without good, current, robust, data, it is difficult to tackle the issue of CSA. Good data exists, and is not that difficult to find.

It is part of Dair’s commitment to challenging the culture of silence and secrecy around the issue of child sexual abuse that we are undertaking research in the area. 

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