Dair’s Parents’ Programme (DPP)

This is a unique fourteen-week facilitated programme for parents who themselves experienced CSA.

Each two-hour session has a specific theme pertinent to parents with experience of CSA: We are aware that our trauma affects every aspect of our lives, including our parenting. Breaking the cycle is very important to us, and informs the DPP sessions.

The pilot – which was run early in 2020 – was evaluated upon completion, where its unique features were highly commended.

Each week, participants spoke their truth, and were attentively and
respectfully heard, with no reactive avoidance – no blaming, shaming, or attempts to ‘fix’. This was a new experience for all of them.

The group continues to meet weekly; in a looser, support-group format.

DPP was designed by Hazel Larkin, drawing on her skills and experience, honed over 20 years’ of group facilitation, and her academic background.

Influenced by the work of Judith Lewis Herman and Diya Kallivayalil, Hazel co-facilitated the programme with a qualified male psychologist.


DPP Sessions 2020 /2021

Dair’s Parent’s Programme will be offered in Dublin, Cork, and Galway from November, 2020. 

There is a sliding scale for fees, and participants are invited to choose the level which is most comfortable for them:
Level 1: €500
Level 2: €250
Level 3: €125
Level 4: €25

For more details, and to register, please contact us


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