Who We Are

We are a group of people – most of whom have personal experience of child sexual abuse, which serves as further motivation to carry out this work. As professionals, academics, activists, and business people, we have a wealth of experience, gained in various organisations and sectors.

Donnacadh Hurley

Donnacadh is a founding member and chairperson of Dair. He is married with 2 daughters and an ex-foster son. From Finglas, Donnacadh has post graduate degrees in Economics and Development Studies. He worked in overseas development for over ten years and then with the Ballymun Job Centre. Donnacadh then helped set up and was first Manager of Ballymun Regional Youth Resource for 12 years. He will shortly publish a book on child sexual abuse. Donnacadh has personal experience of child sexual abuse.

Hazel Larkin

Hazel is a founding member, and Board Secretary of Dair. She is the proud single mother of two daughters, aged 16 and 18.  Her academic background is in Psychology, Sociology, and Law. She is currently working on a PhD which looks at transgenerational trauma with specific regard to child sexual abuse and Irish women. Hazel also trains midwives, doctors, and other health care professionals in the art of providing trauma-informed care to women who were sexually abused as children.

Hazel has personal experience of being sexually abused as a child, and her book ‘Gullible Travels’ addresses the long-term effects of CSA.

Zoe Obeimhen

Zoe is a graduate of The University of Edinburgh, in Scotland and Trinity College, Dublin. She is a Chartered Banker, with membership of Institute of Bankers, Ireland. She has worked in financial services in Dublin. She is passionate about helping people who have experienced hardship, trauma and abuse in their lives. She has lived in Dublin since 1998, having grown up in Cambridge, England. She hopes to bring her financial expertise to the work of Dair.

Clíona Saidlear


Clíona is the Executive Director of Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) the national policy specialists on sexual violence, owned and governed by rape crisis centres and representing the interests of survivors and delivering expertise on prevention.

Clíona has spent 16 years specialising in and advocating on all forms of sexual violence.  She regularly engages directly with survivors, services, professionals, agencies, and government on the whole of society issues impacting survivors and prevention. She has been called upon internationally to share her expertise at European and UN levels.

Her PhD is in International Politics and she has previously worked in a union, with a political party and in the disability sector.  Her priority today is to maintain and build the capacity for understanding and analysis that underpins a movement with the power to effect lasting transformation.

What About You? 

Dair is a member-lead organisation. If you are interested in getting involved, we would love you to join us. 

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